THE ECONOMICS OF MetaWar The internal economic model of the project plays a significant role in the implementation and construction of the entire system of interaction between players. It is the economic and financial model that makes it possible to build all the incentives for agents in the project, as well as creating opportunities to earn money.
It is vital to build the correct, high-quality integration strategy for the internal game currency in order to create a fair but profitable system that allows players to earn money and enjoy the process. Platform tokens are deeply integrated into all game processes and play an essential role in the system.
None of the character leveling processes and monetary rewards are complete without token integration. The same can be said for governance tokens, which allow many processes implemented in the project to unfold and enable participants to vote in decisions that affect the fate of the ecosystem's development. Economic incentives are designed in such a way that the players would wish to spend at least 3 years participating in the game because of its earning opportunities and gamification of many exciting, but purely economic, processes. By engaging with the game, one learns a lot, including entrepreneurial skills.