MetaWar belongs to a new video game genre that implements the "play to earn" method. model. This concept gives players ownership rights over all in-game items and encourages them to play and progress through the game. MetaWar and other games like this, build player-oriented economic systems with tangible features. value in the real world. The development of play-to-earn mechanics led to the rise 'Leisure Economy' where players get all their income from the game games.
MetaWar takes this concept to another level and accessibility in one click. Users to start playing Download an app on their PC They just need to open.
MetaWar transports players to a whole new world of technological advancements. developments have reached a level that will mingle with all living things, to be one with them. In MetaWar, you can go on challenging missions with your friends and increase your chances of earning more. We tried to convey that unity is important in our game. It is not only a multiplayer war game, but also a sustainable ecosystem with story modes.