The success and quality of the game is guaranteed by the team of experts that have rallied around the idea. The MetaWar team features a large number of experts from different domains - blockchain, DeFi, game development and NFT art. Bringing their experience and creative ideas together, the team has what it takes to launch the first ever Windows , AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG.
Metawar is a valuable game in which a person may observe new mechanics, experience complete immersion in its digital reality and not want to stop.
Every player has the opportunity to not only enjoy becoming engrossed in the game world, but to earn real money as a result and find new friends who may later become their partner on the way to achieving success. A hybrid network of work, university and the entertainment industry is being created.
This is a breakthrough in the gaming and financial industry which has become possible thanks to WEB 3.0 and the endless possibilities of this new world.
The habitual way of life has changed beyond recognition. Technology has entered our lives to the extent that there is no turning back. Finance, economics, everyday life - much of this is already driven by the Internet, having all become digitalized.