Digital Transformation

Nowadays, the world we inhabit is moving into the Internet, smoothly and rapidly at the same time, sometimes blurring the line between our real lives and our virtual existence. YouTube has replaced TV broadcasting, retail markets have been replaced by Amazon, social media news feeds have eliminated thousands of print media outlets around the world, Tinder has become a regular method of dating and Zoom has become a substitute for office space for billions of people around the world.
This is how technology is having a global impact on the economic landscape of the world.Today, the average human being cannot live without the Internet. We fall asleep checking our emails and wake up with a phone in our hands. Every aspect of life is completely digitalized. Digital money has long since replaced paper money and Netflix has pushed aside movie theaters. In addition, we are sure that you are well aware of the revolution that Bitcoin has instigated...
The modern landscape of new technologies, financial systems and user preferences creates tremendous opportunities for creating systems that will be as close to reality as possible and can help in the implementation of products that are difficult to distinguish from reality.